Usana Health Sciences Review – How to Make Money Fast!

USANA Health Sciences was founded by Myron Wentz, a Ph.D. in medicine, back in 1992. Its mission is to establish and maintain the highest quality, science-based health products, distributed internationally through network marketing, creating an excellent business opportunity for their private Associates, shareholders, and employees. USANA helps improve people through superior product lines that customers can always trust and an innovative compensation plan for both the average and enthusiastic member. Their corporate headquarters are in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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USANA Health Sciences Review

The Internet has changed the way network marketers generate potential customers and business builders. Although one should not rule out the tradition method, creating a distinctive web presence will give you the creditability it takes to connect with others. Having a web presence is quite simple… one should not use their USANA website, but focus on branding themselves. When people come to you for the answer to their problems, you appear to be an Expert in your field.

Branding oneself simply means understanding how to build a marketing funnel. USANA surrounds themselves with three different brands: their nutritionals, foods, and Sensé beautiful science. One can start by putting massive amount of material on the web about the different products USANA offers. It can be in the form of articles, or videos, or ezine ads.

Writing articles is not hard at all. You can write about USANA’s many milestones, how they’ve receive several prestigious awards, and gain recognition from industry experts. You can also choose to write reviews about their healthy foods or their skin care line. Once you have written one article and posted it, the best way to get higher rankings on the search engines is to rewrite that same article and place it in another directory.

If you feel like writing takes too much time, then creating videos is the method you might want to use. Video marketing is a great way to brand yourself. Your customers or potential business partners see who you are, so they know exactly who they will be working with. Whichever method you choose, make sure you leave a link to your lead capture page, so you can work with only the serious ones.

USANA Health Sciences is one of America’s leading companies in the field of health and nutrition. In 2006, USANA surpass $350 million in annual sales and donated more than $4 million to Children’s Hunger Fund in 2007. This Company continues to grow and now have more than 130 Associates in their Million Dollar Club.

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