Usana Health Sciences – Facts & Truth Exposed

What Usana Health Sciences Is Really About

This section is covering the detail and facts of the Usana Health Sciences company that you need to know.

Usana Health Sciences is a top tier direct sales and network marketing company . The company was created by a man named Myron Wentz who has a double Ph.D. in medicine. The company was founded in 1992 and still growing to this day.

In 2005 Usana was ranked one of the 100 best small companies by Business Week and was ranked #3! and operates in 14 different markets so yo can operate your business in many different countries. They have ranked #1 for nutritional supplement and is supported by Olympic athletes.

Usana doesn’t stop there, they have products ranging from foods to skin care and all very high quality. They also have the most fair and innovative compensation plan I have ever seen. There is a way that you get paid the same check as your down line associates for the the first 32 weeks.

The compensation plan is called matching bonus, What you need to do is get 4 people in your business, with in the first six weeks, which qualifies you as a platinum pace setter. It really is not that difficult of a task if you use the right strategies. There is also a rank which is easier to attain called pace setter which you only need 2 people to join your business in the first week and you will receive 50% of what they earn over the first 32 weeks.

In conclusion Usana Health Sciences is at the point where it is going to be one of the top companies in the next year, because of the trends for health and wellness in the near future.

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