Usana Health Sciences 2010

Usana Health Sciences is a nutritional supplements company that researches, develops and markets balanced nutritional supplements. Founded in 1992 by Dr. Myron Wentz, Usana is a leading direct sales company. Dr. Wentz believed it sad that few people live and die of natural causes. The fruits of that notion became Usana Health Sciences.

Usana is a science based company; researching, developing and marketing balanced nutritional supplements based on the real nutritional needs of modern people. They have a dedicated in-house team of experts that keep up with the latest findings and clinical studies. They work closely with independent health care professionals to determine the best ways to help people with their nutritional needs.

The goal of the company is to provide balanced and beneficial nutritional supplements to a population that is essentially suffering from bad nutrition choices. One of the moments in Dr. Wentz’s life that inspired the formation of Usana was when his father passed away of heart problems when he was only 17. He states on their website that he remembers his mother telling him that she wishes there was something that he could have done to help his father.

Dr. Wentz carried that through his life, as well as seeing others dying prematurely, due mostly to a preventable problem. Eventually, he created Usana to help combat the effects of poor nutrition on the population. He has remained dedicated to helping people help themselves through better nutrition and health choices. In the end, Usana is about helping people achieve their dreams of a longer, freer life without pain and premature death. Along the way, they’re helping many people achieve their dreams of financial freedom as well.

Usana markets over 50 different nutritional items in their product lines, inlcluding Personal Care (Skin Care, Skin Treatment, etc.), Nutritional Supplements (Essentials, Optimizers, Digestion and Detox, etc.), Diet and Energy Supplements (Energy Drinks, Fiber Bars, Nutrition Shakes, etc.) all meant to help people live longer, better lives.

Usana markets these product through their website and through direct sales or network marketing. This style of marketing is beneficial to both the company and the associate. Usana pays no hourly rate or other overhead fees for sales associates. Associates work their own hours, determine how hard they’ll work, and have the freedom to essentially run their own business.

The Usana commission structure is based on a binary plan that starts with you, and grows in to two “legs”. On your own sales volume, you earn a commission of 20%, paid weekly. You can also earn matching bonuses on members of your downline based on their status within the Usana system. These matching bonuses are in increments of 25%, 50%, and 100% of the Group Sales Volume, using the GSV as the determining factor. The GSV is capped at the lower GSV of the two legs, so if your left leg is at 450 points and your right is at 600, your group GSV would be 450 x 2, which is 900 GSV.

Usana Associates can also earn money by selling to retail stores or to their friends at a price they decide and keeping the profit. Bonuses and incentives can be provided by Usana for performance.

Usana’s products appear to be well received. With more and more business enacted today on the Internet, the network marketing business model appears less effective than in the past. Internet marketing has changed the way many similar companies are doing business.

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