Definition Of Health Science

As we are fast developing in terms of technology as well as other fields of science, our language too is getting more and more specific. You must have now noticed new terminology such as ‘health science’. Do you know what this means? Well this is not a new field of science but one that has been there for long.

The term health sciences can refer to many things. Man’s health has several aspects including emotional, psychological as well as physical. Each of these has separate science streams which again comprise of sub streams and divisions when it comes to specific aspect of the human health. Health means well being. The overall wellbeing of an individual is the sum total of his physical, emotional and psychological health together with the attitude.

Take the word science. What does it mean to you? Science denotes a scientific approach to the study of the particular subject where in the principles elucidated can be tested and verified. So when we talk of health sciences, we are referring to the systematic pursuit of laws relating as well as scientific enquiry into the health of man.

Health sciences refers to the general field encompassing several and overall health of the body including its nutritional as well as fitness and functional aspects. This of course is very useful to have a holistic approach to the functioning of the body with the specialist’s opinion coming in as and when required.

Health science has innumerable branches if you start referring to it. Some of them can be dietics, physiotherapy, occupational health, audiology, speech therapy and many more.

It is not only the medical community that is concentrating on the body health and issues. Several other branches have come up and are being practiced as a part of holistic health clinics. Even corporates are seen embracing health and safety issues and employing professionals from health sciences too.

If you work up and get a PhD in Health Sciences, you can be very successful in the career be it in the hospital segment or in the private clinics and centers. You can even join a corporate and be a part of the global initiatives.

Once you have picked up and have a grasp over the subject, you can keep doing more and more research to understand the ground realities of people in different environments and come out with solutions to address health issues.

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